How To Design Your Custom Bandana!


There are a few steps that need to be taken when designing a custom bandana:

1. All of the fabric design options for custom bandanas will be listed under our Design Your Own category.

2. For every ONE bandana, there will need to be TWO fabric designs added to the cart.

-For Example, bandana option 1: Footballs - XS   option 2: Retro Checker - XS

3. Before adding the design to the cart, choose which size the bandana is desired.

4. OPTIONAL: If a vinyl design is desired, please select the option and add it to the cart.

5. VERY IMPORTANT!! In the cart, the following items must be stated in the Order Special Instructions:

-Which fabric designs go together. If multiple bandanas are desired, please list out each fabric design combination. For example, Bandana 1:Footballs XS & Retro Checker Red XS   Bandana 2: Pink Tiger L & Retro Smiley L

-If a vinyl design is wanted, be specific on which bandana the vinyl design is wanted as well as which fabric option you want the vinyl design to be on. 

For Example, Bandana 1: Whiskey Barrels L with "Can't Hold My Licker" & Dog Brews L

6. ALL OF THESE STEPS MUST BE TAKEN TO ORDER A CUSTOM BANDANA! Skye Bright Bandanas is not responsible for custom bandanas that do not clearly state all of these guidelines. If not specified, Skye Bright Bandanas will customize how we see fit. Please be as detailed as possible to ensure you are getting exactly what you envision. No refunds or returns will be accepted.